Process Overview

The PMC Article Previewer tool runs the same processes that are used during PMC production. This allows you to view an article as it would appear in PMC that is tagged in NLM XML to PMC Style or any XML or SGML DTD that PMC currently accepts for data submissions (See the full list). The process consists of converting the data to PMC Style-compliant XML in the NLM Archiving and Interchange DTD and takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Once you have uploaded an article, all details about that article are available by clicking the "Details" link from the "My Articles" page. This is where you can upload additional files referenced by the article and review any errors or warnings that were generated during the processing.

Images uploaded with an article will also be converted to generate thumbnail and a web-friendly images that are used in PMC rendering. This process can take place at the same time the source data is converted or may be initiated manually by clicking the "Convert Images" button.

When the conversion begins, the article and all associated files become "locked". No additional work may be done to these files until the conversion is complete.

Once the conversion is complete for the article and all associated files, the full text of the article can be previewed by selecting the "Full Text" link under the article citation on the "My articles" page.

PMC Article Previewer Instructions

To upload an article:

To upload associated files for an article:

To delete an article:

To delete an associated file:

To reconvert an article or images:


Can I use the Article Previewer without a "My NCBI" account?

No. The preview tool requires a "My NCBI" account in order to keep your uploaded article available to you. This allows you to store your uploaded articles even after you log out.

Do my articles get deleted when I log out?

No. Articles will remain available in your "My NCBI" account until you delete them. It is important, however, that the previewer should only be used for temporary data review.

Can I upload associated files that aren't images?

No. Because this tool is designed only to preview articles, it does not provide the same level of media support offered through PMC.

Can I upload multiple files at the same time?

No. At this time the article preview tool only allows single-file uploading.

Once I've deleted an article, can it be restored?

No. The preview tool should only be used for temporary data review. If you deleted something you would still like to preview, you must upload the files again.

What does it mean when my article is "locked"?

When the conversion process begins, the article and all associated files become "locked". This means that the system is actively processing these files the cannot be accessed until the processing is complete. This includes uploading additional files to an article.

I've waited more than 10 minutes and my article hasn't been converted. Why not?

This usually indicates that an error occurred during processing or that processing is not complete. Click the "Details" link for the article and check for error messages. If there are no errors but the article is locked, it means the conversion is in process.

Why are there warning messages when the full text of my article renders?

The conversion process checks the output against PMC style (see PMC Tagging Guidelines) but some of the style rules have known and documented exceptions. When you receive a warning message, you should check to make sure that it is not indicative of an error in the article's source.

What does the "domain not found" warning mean?

The "domain not found" warning message will appear on articles from any journal that is not currently included in PMC. This is a warning message only and does not indicate an error, even in data that will be submitted to PMC.

Why does my article display the error "The journal title abbreviation is missing"?

All articles loaded into the PMC database must include the NLM journal title abbreviation. PMC adds this information during processing of submitted articles, but does not add this information for article previewing. This error message should be ignored when using the Previewer.

My article is from a journal archived in PMC. Why are the colors and banner different than what's already in PMC?

The article preview tool only uses the default PMC journal display style. No customizations are used in this tool

Where do I go for further help?

Contact with any questions or comments on the Article Previewer.

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